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Fasting Primer

Tips for Getting Through Your FAST

1. Remember hunger is mostly in your head, not in your stomach. Hunger may come in
waves but it will dissipate within minutes.
2. Use sleep and nap time to help get through your FAST.
3. Avoid/minimize being around food and associated smells
4. Do your FAST with a friend or colleague to help hold you accountable.
5. Stay busy during your FAST to keep your mind off of food.
6. Avoid all sweeteners, including chewing gum (artificial and natural).
7. For short-term FASTS (8-72 hours) drink only water or unsweetened beverages. Coffee is
OK. Mineral water (non-carbonated and carbonated) is another option.
8. Avoid going out to eat with friends or family during your FAST.
9. Remind yourself of the benefits including: Anti-aging, Fat-loss, Anti-cancer, Mental
clarity, Best way to detox, Cheap way to improve your health, Prevents diabetes and
dementia, etc.
10. Exercise as much as you want during FASTs of 1-3 days, but minimize high intensity
workouts during this time.

FASTING Contraindications

Malnutrition or being underweight or having very low body fat (a BMI under 18 or Body fat under 8% men and 18% women)

Children under 18 years of age

Pregnant or breast feeding women

FASTING may aggravate the following conditions.

Taking Medications (Aspirin, Metformin, Insulin, Diuretics, etc.) Many medications need to
taken with food. Also, doses may need to be adjusted while on a FAST. Talk to your
physician about doing a short-term FAST.
Taking supplements. Most supplements are best taken with food.
Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes

Some Possible negative Side-effects of FASTING

1. GI disturbances – diarrhea, cramping, etc.
2. Insomnia
3. Headaches
4. Fatigue/Malaise
5. Low Blood Sugar
6. Urinating more than usual
7. Halitosis (Bad Breath) – try sucking on clove bud and staying hydrated

Note: These problems usually go away with subsequent FASTs

Remember it is OK to have a little food to help you get through your FAST.

Always Consult your Physician Before Starting Any FAST


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