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You Can Do This

You will have all the medical support you need, AND, don’t whine because it’s not like you are going to suffer. It’s not nearly as bad as giving up cigarettes. You won’t get the chills like stopping heroine. Yes, you are an addict, but it’s not your fault.

We all are. By nature. From birth.

But, unlike quitting crack cocaine, stopping carbs will feel as natural as the seasons once you get started. It’s not like you are going to miss out. You’ve had enough sugary desserts to last a lifetime. And once your body gets used to it and you feel the incredible restoration of balance in your health, you will never look back. It was MADE to do this.

Let me explain

Our ancestors prior to agriculture lived in alternating cycles of “Times of Plenty” (Summer/Fall) and “Hard Times” (Winter/Spring.)

These cycles are so fundamental to all life, that the cycle is embedded into the way our bodies work.

Before agriculture (which accounts for probably 99.6% of human existence,) the “Plenty” of Summer/Fall meant sugar, starch, and carbohydrates (carbs for short) were available. Berries. Fruit. Roots. Maybe an occasional harvest of starchy seeds like ancient wheat or primitive rice. Other foods like fish, birds, eggs, meat, mushrooms, and vegetables are also more abundant in the Summer/Fall. This is the time that all living things that live longer than a year store fat in their bodies in preparation for the lean days of Winter/Spring.

Winter/Spring is marked by an utter lack of carbohydrates. NONE. Zero. Zilch. Our ancestors lived on wild game, meat and the fat they could get from the meat and marrow. AND, through a process called Ketosis (more on this later) they lived off the stored body fat they accumulated during the good times of Summer/Fall.

Because our bodies are constantly trying to store fat for the hard times, we are constantly looking for the carbs of Summer. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like sweets or bread or corn chips? No. I didn’t think so. Even when they are dying from diabetes or grossly obese people can’t help but crave carbs. Because of this built-in craving and the agriculture we created to satisfy it, every one of us have been in a perpetual summer of carbs since the day we were born.

The problem with this is that your body NEEDS the “Hard Times” too. We need a break from the constant flow of hormones associated with carbohydrate intake, such as Insulin and Growth Hormones.

  • We need to alternate between:
  • Waking and sleep
  • Gas and brakes
  • Talking and listening
  • Giving and taking
  • Etc

That natural cycling is the balance that everyone talks about. And we are all in need of a little rebalancing.

This constant flow of “Plenty” hormones are the cause of the “Diseases of Civilization”:

  • Heart Disease
  • Inflammatory conditions of all kinds
  • Degenerative Brain conditions like Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Gout

Just to name a few.

Fortunately, we now know so much about the way the body works that we can now make this process painless and easy for you.

You got here at the right time.

Years ago, the first experiments on the Ketogenic Diet were done because people noticed that severely restricting carbs caused children with severe or drug resistant seizures to get better. Children today live for years on a much more severe version of the diet I will be discussing, and see amazing results.

The studies continued in an ever broader range of conditions with amazing results.

Then, the bodybuilders got involved. This is a highly motivated, fearless (read “reckless” at times,) VERY self-experimental group with the resources to scan the scientific research and try things on themselves in order to get an advantage in muscle gain, strength, or overall well-being.

When bodybuilders got a hold of the concept of ketosis and started living on the ketogenic diet, a lot of interesting things were discovered about how our bodies behave on a ketogenic diet:

  • Appetite decreases,
  • Muscle mass is protected and even grows as long as protein intake is at a certain level,
  • Blood flow to the brain increases and awareness and mood improve,
  • Inflammation drops dramatically,
  • Insulin sensitivity increases while insulin levels drop,

Just to name a few findings.

This is a testament to the fact that our bodies are actually better suited to living in ketosis. What if we are all suffering from carb toxicity?

This diet is not really just a diet. It is a way of understanding how our bodies work and bringing balance to our lives with that newfound knowledge. This knowledge, if widely adopted, will be disruptive to many industries. Diabetes management. Weight loss management. Healthcare in general, as so many conditions improve with periods of ketosis. The food industry.

The insight that we need regular (most likely once yearly) periods of ketosis to regain balance will dramatically change the way we see ourselves and our relationship with nature. After millions of years of living with the seasons, the seasons are embedded into how our bodies work (our physiology.) Let’s stop fighting our nature and embrace the incredible adaptability built in.

Like I said, give it a try. You will never regret it.


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