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So many people suffer from one disease or another and it is sometimes difficult, bordering on impossible, to manage your illness on top of everything else you have to juggle in life. A lot of chronic diseases stem from unhealthy eating and lifestyle and this can be hard to cope with and it will take will and determination to rise above the challenges. One truly controllable thing you can do is managing what you eat and this is where your Ketogenic diet comes in.
This type of diet is considered to not only be a wonderful weight loss regimen, but this is also a great way to improve so many chronic health conditions. Ketogenic diet focuses on your liver producing ketones and changing your body’s metabolism from using glucose and utilizing fat instead.
While it may not provide you with instant weight loss, it is guaranteed to be effective and allows you to achieve your goals in an easier and healthier way. Ketogenic diet is all about consuming really low carbohydrates, moderate protein and higher fat. By doing so, your body goes into ketosis wherein instead of burning sugar as its main source of energy, it will utilize fat.
There are many assured good benefits in following this type of regimen and below are the primary effects:

Effective Loss of Fat

Consuming fat actually lets your body release some more and eventually helps you lose weight. This is the opposite when you consume carbohydrates. This can be explained by insulin and how it actually affects this phenomenon. Your body produces insulin when you induce carbohydrates so when you go and lower consumption of carbs and increase fat, the insulin level in your body decreases as it will utilize body fat when burning energy hence the weight loss.

Filling Effect

Following a ketogenic diet will not let you experience any hunger issues. The food you consume allows you to feel full and satisfied so you do not experience cravings unlike some other diet, you actually want to eat less when going through the low carb routine. Eating food with mostly protein and fat content lets you be more satisfied so no need to worry about curbing your appetite. A diet rich in carbohydrate releases insulin which in turn increases your cravings.

Possible Metabolic Advantage

Going on a low carbohydrate diet like Keto diet has been shown to support a possible metabolic advantage. Attaining weight loss at an increase level is said to be one of its effect. Your body produces ketones as you follow the Ketogenic diet due to your liver breaking down fat, and studies have shown how urinary ketones are also expelled by your body that can assist it your body losing fat. There are different types of Ketogenic diet you can follow and choosing which one will be mainly base on your body needs and your goals. Some would just like to be healthier by losing some weight, while others want to grow more muscle or help them battle some existing disease. The advice of a dietitian can help you decide which best to follow.


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