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This way of eating is a lot simpler than you think. In fact, it is probably simpler than your diet right now.
You will be getting medical monitoring and support through the whole process, so rest assured.
It is interesting to remember that in the 80s fat was considered to be evil. As in so many cases, the opposite is true. Because of the correlation between the availability of carbs and “Times of Plenty,” eating carbs is the signal in our bodies to store body fat. Eating fats without carbs does not have the same type of effect.
Here is how the ketogenic diet works (I have included carbs in each food for future reference):
So what does this look like? There are MILLIONS of paleo recipe websites available. Just google it. Etc.
The basics are so simple.
Breakfast concepts:
Lunch concepts:
Dinner concepts:
It’s really that simple. Avoiding carbs is the only trick.


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